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Monday–Thursday: 8am–3pm (closed noon-1pm)
Friday: 8am-2pm (closed 11:30am-12:30pm)

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Snow plowing reminder Parking on Coventry or Wickham roads while your court is being plowed is prohibited. Coventry and Wickham roads are fire and emergency lanes.  

When it snows 1.5" or more (1) Wickham & Coventry roads are plowed first, (2) centers of all parking lots next, then (3) plow trucks return to each court, sound their horn, and begin plowing parking spots. 

When the horn sounds in your court, MOVE YOUR VEHICLE IMMEDIATELY. Lots won’t be plowed if vehicles aren’t moved. (Failure to move your vehicle will result in a fine, as described in Sec.3, p. 33 of the Policy Handbook.) Don't move to, or park your car in, another lot unless it has already been plowed. (Remember: you’re parking in another resident’s spot, so don't leave your vehicle there longer than it takes to plow your lot.)

If you leave town, have more than one vehicle, or any other similar situation, and your vehicle isn’t moved for plowing, you will be fined. If you’ll be away for 10 or fewer days, contact the office to arrange parking in available areas. (Coventry will not guarantee the safety/security of your vehicles.)

Complaints concerning vehicles not moved during plowing must be submitted in writing. Include vehicle make, color, license plate number, and address of the vehicle.  




Next Board meeting: Jan. 18
No board meeting in December. Next board meeting is 7:30pm, Wed. Jan. 18.


Holiday Party: Dec. 8

Thur., Dec. 8
6pm: Appetizers, drinks
6:45pm: Dinner

Coventry Book Club: Jan. 19
7pm, Thur., Jan. 19: Coventry Clubhouse. To be read and discussed: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, a story of a family during the occupation of Paris and how the women endured the war when the men left to fight.

7pm, every Mon. & Wed. ($5 per session)

Strength Class
9:30am, every Tue. & Thur.